Monday, March 27, 2017

What Is Success to You?

I have a question for you today...
Right-brain Activity?!

You may have heard it said that "this one", "that one," or "the other one" is the best business on the Internet, for building a successful business from home. The reason for this claim, is …

Anyone, with or without business-experience, can become wealthy with "this", "that," or "the other" business platform!

The fact is: The only requirement for achieving Success in Any business is: Commitment. That brings me to...
My Question:
What, exactly does Success look like to you?
  • Having enough to eat?
  • Being happy?
  • Feeling joyful all the time?
  • Having lots of money?
Find or Draw a Picture of What Success Looks Like, and keep it in a place where you can see it every day!
If you are committed to success in a home-based business, you can do it!

Of course, nothing worthwhile is gained easily. No matter how perfect the "business model," it will not work unless you do. And when things are difficult, when times are hard, the struggle is back-breaking, the Commitment must still be there.

Commit to keeping your business alive in the face of difficulties and challenges. Let nothing stand in your way. As you keep walking up the road to success, remember you will – one day --get there, as long as you don't leave the 'road'!

While reading and leaning all there is about Marketing (References, Training websites (and Tools available on the Internet, local library, on-and off-line books and magazines), simply DO the following 3 Steps to Success:
1. Invest a little money every month.
2. Recruit 5 Affiliates (or Team Members)
3. Teach your Affiliates and Team Members to do Steps 1-3.

Make a commitment to grow your business until the day you reach the place you want to be!

  1. Remember to Set long-term and short-term goals.
  2. Write and complete a Daily To-Do List of activities to work toward short-term goals.
  3. Do Something every day to grow your business.
Keep climbing...

It's Your business. You Are special.
Believe in Your Self.
Commit to Success!

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