Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Learn to Manage Your Time: For Entrepreneurs

Starting your own business is a very profitable idea, but if you already have a 9-to-5 job and a family to care for, where will you find the time for a business venture?
The first thing you will have to do is make a commitment. Why not commit to dedicating a small amount of time after work, 3 to 4 days a week, say 1 or 2 hours, and at least 2 hours on Saturday and 2 hours on Sunday? A little is better than nothing.
And with organization, you will be able to manage your time and get a lot done quickly.
ORGANIZATION is an amazing tool. Everything you need to do would be at your fingertips and you won’t have to spend time thinking and trying to figure out what to do next! ORGANIZATION helps you to focus on what’s important and it certainly helps you to make the most of a small amount of time.
Here’s a suggestion to help you manage your time: Use an Excel spreadsheet to organize your activities. Down the side of the table, you’ll want to list those activities in which you need to do to bring in a profit. Across the top of your table, you’ll want to identify the components of each task that is necessary for making profit. Only list and do those tasks that will bring in a profit! Whether long-term projects or short-term, ask yourself, “Will this task lead to making money for me?” Those are the only task you want on your spreadsheet.
I’m an Affiliate Marketer. I manage my time by using a spreadsheet that lists all promotion websites. Each is listed down the side.  Then, across the top I have the headings for the name of the advertising website, my username for that website, my password for that website, and a final heading for any miscellaneous information that is pertinent to that website.
Then, when I “go to work” to build my business, I go down this list, check off the activity that I’ve done. I can go across the page and access any information I need to complete the activity.
It’s quick, keeps me focused, and I’ve managed, in a short period of time, to get some promotion accomplished.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Starting A Business In Your Hometown

So you’ve decided to start your own business in your hometown. Great! That’s a move in the right direction. You’ll have time and financial freedom in little or no time at all. Right? Well, let’s re-think this thing.
Exactly how much time will it take to achieve that freedom you seek? Well, that all depends on how much you’re willing to invest upfront. From the day you began to dream of your goldmine, to the day it takes you to actually DO something tangible to implement your dream…How Long Did THAT take?
Once you make up in your mind that you’re going to start a business in your hometown, and once you get a bright idea that’s going to make you money, you should implement the first step immediately. If you sit and think about it for weeks or months, you will undoubtedly come up with many reasons “it won’t work.” Time fuels doubt.
So don’t delay. Now that you have the idea burning in your heart, Start working on it NOW.
First step: Choose something that YOU are truly interested in. What excites You? What makes YOUR bells ring? Do a Google search for it. Type in the keyword for your idea and look at the Search Results, including the name of your hometown. Are there a lot of others in your hometown searching for the same thing? If so, you may have a “winner.”
Next step: Research your target market. Who needs this great idea? How will it solve their problem or problems? How will it make their lives better? You’ll want to start a business in your hometown that will enhance the lives of others.
As you come up with answers to these questions, you are actually and factually coming up with a marketing campaign. The answers to these questions will be the slogan or motto of your company or product. You are familiar with your own hometown. So use this familiarity to create a slogan or ad campaign tailored specifically for your product or business that will peak the interest of the people of your hometown.
Decide how much time you will invest in your business Each and Every Day. Do something that will lead to the start and advancement of your business.
Decide how much money you have to invest. Start a special savings account, and put $1 or more into it every week. If you invest $1 the first week, try to invest $2 the second week, then $3 the third week, and so on. This will soon add up to a nice savings account that you can re-invest in advertising that you are starting a business in your hometown.
Remember: A business with no sign is a sign of no business. So advertise, advertise, advertise.  Make sure you are targeting a specific group, not everybody in the town. Solve some problem for your target group, and watch the profits roll in!
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The slumping economy for Americans is a pressing problem. Unless you’ve been sleeping under a rock, you have noticed that everyone, even globally, is being affected by it. Although our political leaders are trying to pull us out with stimulus packages and mortgage companies and lenders are trying to encourage us with incentives, let’s face it: paychecks just aren’t doing the job that they used to do. It’s been tough making ends meet for a long time, but now it’s getting ridiculous!
And for single parents and for the elderly, it’s a nightmare. Baby-boomers are feeling the pinch because they are the ones needing prescriptions and vitamins and wellness products and services to remain healthy. Yet, the dollars don’t seem to stretch so that they can afford such “luxuries.”
But take heart! There IS a solution. There is a recession-proof industry that is waiting for You. Well, actually, it’s not “waiting.” The movement is ON, with or without you. More and more Americans are turning to the Internet to make money from home than ever before.  And leading the way as the #1 industry is Affiliate Marketing. No other industry is expanding and growing by leaps and bounds. Just do a quick search-engine query. The search results are staggering. This is happening because of the ease in which one can get into business for him-or herself, and stay in business. You can even engage in Affiliate Marketing part-time, while working a 9-to-5 job. But most hard-working, committed Americans are finding out, that soon they are able to quit the 9-to-5 grind, and pursue Affiliate Marketing full-time from the comfort of their homes.
That means that no matter what the economy does or does not do, they are still employed. They are still “bringing home the bacon.” Once you get started, it’s like a snowball. It keeps on rolling and rolling and rolling. No clocks to punch, no boss standing over you, no rush-hour traffic, just a calm assurance that “I’m in charge.” What a life!
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Build A Relationship With Your Niche

If you are looking to market something online it is vital that you build a relationship with your niche. A niche market is a focused targetable portion (subset) of a market. What you’ll want to do is focus on providing a product or service, or solving a problem for a particular group, that is not being addressed in the mainstream.
But the first thing you have to do, is build a relationship with your niche.
There are many ways to do this, and it’s not that difficult. Once you know the secret to building a relationship with your targeted niche market, it’s quite easy, and will only take a short period of time, on a regular scheduled basis, to keep things going. (For instance, it will take you about an hour each day, or ½ hour twice a day, or maybe 2 hours every 3 days. But you must be consistent.)
Here are some fun and easy ways to build a relationship with your target niche.
·         Join forums. Sign up for forums that discuss the topics that interest you, or forum discussions that have interest in the things you are selling.

·         Create Link Backs on your blog. If you read an article or enter a discussion in a forum that relates to what you have to offer, create a Link Back between that article and your blog. Mention it on your blog, giving it acknowledgment as an article of value, and you have quickly begun to build a relationship with the author!

·         Create an email that you can check regularly, and give this email address to your customers. Let them know that they can contact you for questions and comments on your offer. But make sure you check this email everyday or so, to reply to them! (I mentioned this consistency a few paragraphs back.)

·         Sign up for Google Voice Mail or a toll-free message number, so that customers can leave a message or call you with their concerns. The main line is KEEP IN TOUCH.

·         Make your ad copy enticing and inviting. Remember that Customer Service can come alive on the Internet if you put your personality in your ad copy, reassuring customers that you will provide customer service for them. Take the “fear” and the risk out of doing business online. Offer a risk-free guarantee.
With these easy techniques, you will be able to build a good relationship with you niche, provide them with a helpful, beneficial product or service, and solve some problem with your product or service. That way, You’ll get sales and keep your customers coming back and referring others!
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Free Advertising Works!

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