Work Smart, not hard!

Work Smart, not hard!
I built a Micro-Enterprise from home!

Monday, June 11, 2018

How To Get Paid When You're Self-Employed

There are a lot of online programs out there, promising thousands of dollars in weeks or months, and even claiming to do it for you, on "auto-pilot."  
Fact is, nothing gained like that is ever lasting or even rewarding.  
Truth is, building a business looks busy. It looks challenging. 
It forces you to think, to decide, to act.   
Building wealth is never done with "auto-pilot." Although, I must admit, hand-outs and freebies are nice.  But the fact is, the satisfaction of achieving something that challenges the spirit brings lasting, true happiness!  

That said,   
If you're self-employed, and you want to get paid...
1. Take your time reading and learning everything you can about your industry, trends, competition and future projections.
2. Use every medium available to tap-into the resources available, every available minute of the day. This means, using the radio, Internet, Industry magazines, books and E-books, Audios...finding ways to avail yourself while you're commuting & traveling, or sitting at home. Most importantly, 
3. Ask questions if you need help, or support, using people you know, and people you don't know

  • Seek-out the experts. 
  • Interact with like-minded people & groups. 
  • Talk to people; 
  • Read what they have to say, 
  • Study their climb to success, 
  • Duplicate their daily activities!
Doing the mundane, sometimes even boring, but routine habits that build a business, far benefits doing nothing at all. And besides, these are the very things that end-up bringing the benefits!  

Want to get paid? Want wealth? 

  • Take the challenge. 
  • Define your passion in life, then 
  • Define the reason you want wealth.  
  • Now, 
  • Do all you can to take action to make it happen.  Never give up...
  • Keep striving!  

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