Monday, March 25, 2019

Got a Home Business? Need Traffic? Here's Help!

Building a business from home is not nearly as difficult as it was a decade ago, when I began...and yet, some challenges never change!

This is me (center) in 2011.

When I started my eCommerce journey, like you, I was more than a little confused about how to drive traffic to my website. 

Back then, cold-calling was a huge thing with marketers. We had lists, schedules, scripts, & pep-talks from sponsors or team-leaders.

I remember sitting at the telephone (Are you old enough to remember "land line phones?")...for hours, calling my cold-list, then my warm-list, then my cold-list. I had a different script (a pre-written text) for each list!

Driving traffic to my website has never been easy.

Classified ads cost money. I had ads in the local newspapers, the Regional and "trade" magazines, and a wish-list for radio spots. I used business cards and flyers, walking door-to-door, placing them in my neighbors' mailboxes!

I subscribed to a mailing-list program that sold names and addresses for potential out-of-state customers. I'd buy lots of postage stamps and mail flyers and/or letters by the hundreds!

What a difference a decade makes. 

E-commerce advertising has evolved with Digital Marketing that makes driving traffic to your website much, much simpler. 

Now, we use Social Media, SEO Optimization, Pay-per-click ads, Content Marketing, & Email Marketing. 

Traffic exchanges and safe-lists are another option.

With the help of something as basic as a Search Engine, you can find a variety of ways to get the word out about your brand or business. Some free, some not-so-free, others are downright costly. But Digital Marketing will get you the traffic you need if you persist. The key is consistency and patience. 

You see, using these methods actually "compound" in benefits. The more you do it, the better your results!

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