Monday, May 13, 2019

How To Be Successful with Affiliate Marketing ~ Without Spending Money!

You can start your own Online Business in Affiliate Marketing without spending a dime!

Need extra cash?
Short on time, but want to start your own business to create an on-going income?

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Are you a complete beginner wanting the freedom of working from home, or needing more money?
Do you have a moderate amount of knowledge about online marketing?
Have you tried to put together an online business, but found it too time-consuming?
Do you have an online business, but you're struggling to generate consistent income?

If any of these descriptions apply to you, affiliate marketing is something that may be perfect for your needs!

Affiliate marketing is not hard. It's easy, as long as you know How to work it. There are many models to use for your platform, but the important thing is not to waste time or money on something that is not workable. 

  • Do your research. Look around for something that is legitimate and free to join.
  • Use a platform that has clear, concise instructions. You don't want to join a program with a vague description, or where goal-setting is not clearly defined. Customer-support is imperative, and should be easy to access.
  • Any program should allow room from growth, in all directions. What this means is that: You want to be able to not only make money with the program and its products, you want to be able to expand your knowledge, your network, and your income!
  • Use free Website-builders, such as Wordpress or Google's Blogger, to design a blog for your unique "brand," (What value are you offering or selling?). Then, drive traffic to your blog.

At first your income will be low, and your time investment high.
The only way around a longer journey is to cut some of the effort down

through smart investing.

For that I always recommend things that build your business, such as upgrades for traffic-building programs and
email-marketing software, like Mailchimp or Benchmark.
While it is possible to earn income with no cash investment,
plan on investing as your income grows.

Even if you have a business idea, passion or brand, you can use Affiliate Marketing to make some extra cash to re-invest into your passion! It's a "starter" and can also be a "foundation" for your main business. 
For example, my "main" business, the one that I'm most passionate about, is my jewelry store. I use the Affiliates to make a little extra cash to re-invest in the software programs that I need to run my store.

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