Work Smart, not hard!

Work Smart, not hard!
I built a Micro-Enterprise from home!

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

The Power of Duplication

Duplication is a powerful tool for the accumulation of wealth. Leveraged income allows you to make money while you are sleeping...What does that mean?

You simply do something one time, and earn from that one action over and over again. You duplicate what you learn to do, then you teach others to do the same thing. The more people you teach, the more leverage you have.

Simply put:
Teach people to do what you do... (sponsoring, selling, team building, etc.)... and you will effectively "duplicate" yourself.

And since you can earn money from the efforts of all the people you help, you take yourself from being limited to just 24 hour a day to earn money by having practically infinite hours to earn money--–though the efforts of dozens, hundreds, or thousands of people who are duplicating what you do. This is the power of DUPLICATION. And trust, it works!

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