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Saturday, June 3, 2017

If You Need Money Fast, Sales is the Place to Be.

And while you're busy selling, think about how to leverage your time & the money you earn, so that you won't have to continue working so hard for the rest of your life!

Enter the concept of Team-Building, 
which is no more than helping others who want to be 
Business-Owners, get started making money, using the tools you've learned.

When you think about Leveraging Your Income, 
the first thing that you should do, is think about methods & ways to 'duplicate' yourself. 

The second thing you should do is teach Duplication. 

These 2 steps go hand-in-hand. Every activity that brings success to your business has to be teachable, in order for Duplication-of-Self to happen...obviously! 


  1. Learn How, (First, make a sale, then another, then another, & get good at it!), then, the #2 STEP: is 
  2. Learn How to Teach it, (Now, teach someone what you did to be successful at making a sale!) Now, the #3 STEP: is 
  3. Teach someone to teach it, (Repeat STEPS #1 & 2). 

You get direct commissions on every sale you make. You need money to invest in your Business Growth ... Make Sales!

"The most important value of making sales is that you will be qualified to teach your affiliates how to do the same, they will be making commissions and no one quits if they are making money. 

This way, you Build your team on the strong foundation of Solid Sales Skills.  

Fast money is in Sales - Big Money is in Successful Sales Teams.  

Start with Sales then grow your team with your skills." {from the SFI Forum} 

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