Work Smart, not hard!

Work Smart, not hard!
I built a Micro-Enterprise from home!

Monday, March 26, 2018

3 Steps to Earning On-going Profits in a Home Based Business

There's a simple way to earning leveraged, ongoing income for life! 

My story...
Sitting at my desk one day,at the law firm, I began to daydream about being home, in my new house. You see, I had just gotten married & moved into the most remarkable, old house, in an area of town where the front lawns made drivers think they had entered a park! Absolutely beautiful, quiet, clean, manicured, green, with more new homes being built almost weekly, or so it seemed! 

In the days before the wedding, I’d spent hours in the Home Depot Store, choosing window coverings, appliances & accessories for the new house. (I even had wedding gifts yet to be unwrapped, for heaven's sake!) 

Now, back at the office, I was eager to go home, & decorate, arrange my new furniture, and enjoy my backyard.  

I looked at the time on my desktop. 10:45 am. Wow! I want to be at home, but I can’t leave until 5:00 pm! 

Just then, my supervisor walked into my cubicle. “Can you take care of this as soon as possible?” She said. “ I mean, like yesterday?!” She dropped a stack of files on my desk, 

“Sure thing,” I responded, as my mind suddenly snapped back from my daydream to present-time. But I was thinking, ‘What would I give to be able to earn a living, working from home?! My arm? 

At that moment, thinking about working in that environment with one arm, I decided to do something different…I decided that if I wanted a different lifestyle, I have to do something different. 

That’s the day I began searching for a way out…The office was demanding 8 hours of  5 days of each week of the year. At the end of it, I have nothing saved. Something needs to change. That’s my decision, and I was suddenly, very excited. 

In the coming months, I read everything I could about working from home, & how to plan for a strong financial future. Here’s what I discovered. 

If you want to work for yourself, remember...There's no better business model than one that both trains AND allows you, to be able to earn residual, on-going income. 

I have to do my homework & research the web, looking for an affiliate program that does not require up-front investment. I need to be able to join the program to first, test-drive it, & then, to determine if it's a good fit my income-goals.   

Ask 3 things when searching... 

  1. Is it FREE to Join? 
  2. Does the program have free extensive & progressive, (the latest, up-to-date) training already in place? 
  3. Does the program provide a business-model that can be duplicated easily? (This will allow you to recruit others, & they, others, & on & on, infinitely.) 

Once I find a program that fits, now there only remains 3 simple steps to an early retirement for me!  

But I knew that I had to be willing & able to do the work…to exert the effort… to build something great, something that can sustain me with a comfortable income for life! 

3 Things need to happen. 

1. I NEED TO: Move into this business program confidently, as would any CEO. I need to Treat my business like a Business! To do something every day to promote my business to the world, (Choosing a target-market & a niche that needs or wants what I have to offer), & to help grow a Downline. 

2. I NEED TO: Find at least 5 people to join up with me. These 5 Affiliates should  
  1. Complete their program training,  
  2. Be willing to make the commitment to read, study, follow instructions and  
  3. Log in each day to the Affiliate Center to do their daily tasks, score points, advertise, participate in forums or blogs, in order to network with like-minded entrepreneurs. 

I need to 
Keep adding new like-minded people to the group until I find that special group of 5 people who are willing to be on my team. And Keep working until I see results! 

Finally, 3. I NEED TO: Be Working with a Marketing Group. where there are multiple streams of income to attract affiliates, earn you cash, win products, points & more. So, I need to Advertise all over the Internet, and all around my local community to earn on-going, residual commissions. 

I learned that ...

...The key to on-going, residual & leveraged  income, is Duplication!
 Duplicate the successful entrepreneurs in my new field, or program, and help those who join after me or because of me, to duplicate what you do. 

 Duplicate, teach duplication, then repeat! That’s what it’ll take. 

I took these 3 steps, &deliberately wove them into a business-plan for a Home-Based Business, and gave it a name!

It’s been a couple of years since that day, but I will always remember the spark that created my new lifestyle… The frustration …turned to an “ah-ha" moment…Decision-making time… 
 turned into a lifestyle that’s right for me! 

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